Speed is Not the Only Critical Requirement for Next-Generation Systems

Posted on Monday, August 25, 2014

Next-generation systems will always be expected to be smaller, lighter and faster. But engineers also face the challenges of full integration. Previously spec’d oversized, heavy, and slow interconnect solutions inside increasingly higher-density systems wreak havoc. So the need for robust, miniaturized high-speed interconnect solutions has never been greater.

Back to the Drawing Board

Next-generation engineers are forced to redesign system platforms to meet market expectations, but equally as important, they must redesign their interconnects to be smaller, lighter, faster, more stable and crush resistant - regardless of constant torsion, flexure, pressure, bend radiuses, or temperature.

HSI Zeros-in on the Ultimate Miniaturized Interconnect Solution

In the chart below, HSI compares its 24 gauge, 18 GHz coaxial cable assembly with two competitors. You will notice the HSI solution dominates the competitors’ VSWR, insertion loss, and phase stability when wrapped tight around a 2.25-inch mandrel. In addition, HSI’s interconnect solution is incredibly crush resistant and significantly smaller in diameter.

As you can see, HSI’s miniaturized interconnect solutions are commonly selected by leading OEM’s for their exceptional electrical and mechanical performance. There will be more to come on this and other HSI capabilities in the next posting. In the meantime if you have an interconnect challenge, contact us to see how we can solve your high performance custom cable assembly requirement.