The Smallest Micro Coax Assemblies for the Biggest Jobs

HSI extrudes and manufactures a wide range of high-performance point-to-point interconnect solutions used on PCB's, and/or other low profile termination points required to carry critical signals.

These custom, high-performance micro coaxial cable assemblies are designed and assembled using fine connector pitches for applications ranging from DC to 70 GHz; or without connectors for direct board terminations as small as 0.175 mm pitch. With no minimum order quantities, both small and large custom orders are accepted for custom lengths, wire gauges, connector types, EMI/RFI shielding, and cable jacket types.


  • Available with IPEX, Murata, MMCX's, SSMA's, SSMP's board level connectors
  • Direct to board attachment available down to 0.175mm pitch
  • Wide range of connector configurations, including MHF to SMA connectors, SMA to MMCX, MHF to MHF connectors, and G4PO to SMA connectors

Fast Lead Times

  • Lead times of less than one week for most custom configurations
connector options
Precision RF (SMA, MMCX, Other)
Direct to board fine wire attachment to .175 mm
also available.
Performance Ranges
Frequency Insertion Loss Velocity of Propagation
DC - 60 GHz 2 dB @ 40 GHz Up to 90%
Phase Stability Phase Matching Power Conductor Capability
1°/500 lb Down to 1 psec
(Far-end, Differentially Driven)
Up to 8 Amps
Cable Configurations
Coax (30 - 36 AWG, 50 Ω)

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Accuracy is Everything

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Download the Specs on Our Latest Flexible Cable

VP90 flexible cable datasheet

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