The Toughest Coaxial Cable Assemblies You'll Find Anywhere

HSI provides custom, high-performance, ruggedized coaxial cable assemblies capable of delivering high reliability even within environmentally hostile and demanding environments. HSI’s armored coaxial cable assemblies can be specified for low-loss, phase-stable operation at frequencies through 70 GHz (depending upon connector) and in any number of multi-conductor constructions, to handle RF/microwave signals, power, and hybrid solutions. Manufactured with abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, and temperature-resistant materials, HSI’s armored coaxial cable assemblies are available as multi-conductor, micro coaxial, and mixed-signal configurations; which are not limited to exploration, industrial and medical applications.

HSI’s high-performance, ruggedized coaxial cable assemblies are constructed with RFX™ crush-resistant cable, which features excellent electrical performance; typically 0.93 dB/ft insertion loss and 1.10:1 VSWR at 18 GHz. These cable assemblies exhibit excellent recovery after high crush forces have been applied and removed. 


  • Bend radius as small as 0.50 in. 
  • Multi-conductor constructions exceeding 500+ individual micro coaxial cables in sizes up to 48 AWG
  • Crush strengths in-excess of 300 lbs/in.
  • Phase stability of ±2 deg.
  • Amplitude stability of ±0.05 dB
  • Ideal for use in communications, test systems, exploration, industrial, robotics, medical, and surveillance systems

connector options

SMP, SMPM, SSMA, 1.0 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.9 mm, 3.5 mm
GPO, GPPO, G3PO, G4PO (Micro Coax, Multi-Conductor)

Direct to board fine wire attachment to .175 mm
also available.
Performance Ranges
Frequency Insertion Loss Velocity of Propagation
DC - 70 GHz < 1 dB/ft @ 40 GHz Up to 90%
Phase Stability Phase Matching Power Conductor Capability
< 5° through 40 GHz
(flexure & temperature)
Down to 1 psec 1000 CW @ 5 GHz
Cable Configurations
Coax (16 AWG - 52 AWG)



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VP90 flexible cable datasheet

Phase Stability Video

phase stable coax cableIn this video we demonstrate how incredibly stable HSI coaxial cables with VP90 ePTFE truly are. Watch now.