Tidy Up Your JAE, Cabline, IPEX, and Hirose Connections

HSI extrudes and terminates endless coaxial cable constructions (i.e: coaxial, twin-ax, twisted-pair cables, messenger wires, and power hybrid) which exceed today's complex interconnect requirements. Our micro coaxial connector capabilities range from 32-48 AWG, and are bundled into dense cable constructions with up to 1,500+ conductors while preserving coaxial cable impedance and capacitance performance. HSI micro coaxial cable assemblies can be terminated to a variety of high-performance connectors, flexible circuits, and PC boards as fine as 0.175 mm pitch.

HSI’s bundled, multi-conductor, micro coaxial cable assemblies are ideal for medical imaging systems, measurement systems, transportation, robotics, displays, and a wide range of industrial applications. 

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  • Bundled assemblies with more than 1,500+ cables and conductors
  • Coaxial cable bundles with extruded 32 through 48 AWG cables
  • Low-capacitance interconnect solutions (< 10 pF/ft)
  • Fine wire terminations down to 0.175 mm pitch
  • Micro coaxial connector terminations factory-certified by JAE, IPEX, and Hirose

connector options

Multi-pin Micro (to 0.25 mm Centerline)
“21 F” Mulit-pin Connectors 
IPEX - MHF, Cabline Series (VS, V, CBL, CA, SS)

Hirose - DF Series (5, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45, and 50 positions)
JAE - FI, DX, FX Series

Direct to board fine wire attachment to .175 mm
also available.
Performance Ranges
Frequency Capacitive Loss Velocity of Propagation
DC - 6 GHz 30 to <10 pf/ft Up to 80%
Current Rating Phase Matching
Voltage Rating
.4 A (40 AWG) <2 dB @ 1 GHZ 200 V (Connector)
Cable Configurations
Coax   Twinax   Twisted Pair   Power

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Download the Specs on Our Latest Flexible Cable

VP90 flexible cable datasheet

Low Capacitance Video

low capacitance coax cableHow can you cut the capacitance in your cable assemblies nearly in half? With HSI’s low loss VP90 ePTFE. Watch now.