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If the last place you want to compromise on signal integrity is at the interconnect, we’re your cable assembly company. By managing nearly all critical technologies and processes in-house we can assure you zero tradeoffs when it comes to insertion loss, phase stability, capacitance, velocity of propagation, and more. 

With us, you get the exact high-perfomance cable assembly you need time, after time, after time.

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Assemblies Minimize Impedance Mismatches

MICTOR™ multi-conductor cable assemblies from HSI are precisely impedance-matched to 50-Ohm impedance (100 Ohms in differential pairs) to achieve high performance and proven reliability in lengths and configurations that closely match a customer’s requirements.
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Did You Know?

HSI offers direct to board fine wire
termination down to .175 mm.
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No Mininum Orders

HSI has no minimum order 
requirements on custom assemblies ranging from
16-52 gauge, and lead times
ranging from 24 hours to 8 weeks.