Micro Coaxial Cable Assemblies Provide Enhanced Signal Integrity

Micro Coaxial Cable Assemblies Provide Enhanced Signal Integrity

Release date: 05/19/2014

High Speed Interconnects announces increasing capabilities to solve custom, small form factor interconnect challenges.

As engineers face the competing pressures of less board-space combined with the need for transfer speeds at microwave spectrum data rates, HSI has been ramping up their R&D efforts to provide the answer to both pressures. Both the coaxial construction, which includes the proprietary dielectric of HSI’s micro coaxial solutions are extruded in-house to tight specifications, providing exacting performance up to 10 GHz, with micro-coaxial connector terminations down to 0.3 mm pitch, and fine wire, direct-to-board terminations down to 0.175 mm. The fine wire direct-to-board method provides unrivalled footprint dimensions and can be ruggedized with HSI’s proprietary strain relief process. And custom wired-to-board does not infer higher cost, in fact it can be lower than using exotic, hard to find, small footprint connectors.

HSI's certifications are extensive, and include AS9100 revision C, ISO9001, IPC 610/620, ITAR Registration, and multiple MIL Spec compliances. HSI is factory-certified in North America to properly terminate to Hirose, IPEX, and JAE micro coaxial connectors.

For more details visit http://www.highspeedint.com/micro/ to get a quotation for large or small quantity custom cables with lead times that are usually less than one week.