Low-Loss, Flexible Cables Outperform Semi-rigid

Low-Loss, Flexible Cables Outperform Semi-rigid

Release date: 07/23/2014

High Speed Interconnects has announced a new range of flexible cable assemblies which outperform semi-rigid cable performance.

Combining advanced coaxial cable and proprietary VP90™ expanded PTFE (ePTFE) extrusion technologies, HSI is able to manufacture highly phase-stable, low-loss interconnect solutions for a wide variety of applications. Coaxial cable sizes range from 16-52AWG, with most cables exhibiting insertion losses of less than 1.00 db per foot with little to no phase change.

To achieve these performance traits, HSI controls every critical manufacturing process, from sophisticated conductor and applied material extrusion, to dielectric material integration and semi-automated micro-miniature termination.

HSI’s coaxial cable manufacturing is also extremely flexible. Assemblies can be fine-tuned and sized to suit precise specifications for test and measurement, wireless broadband, radar, semiconductor, medical devices, industrial, oil and gas, robotics, satellite, aerospace, defense, and automotive applications.

A wide variety of connectors include: Type-N, TNC, SMB, SMC, SMA, SMP, SMPM, SSMA, GPO, GPPO, G3PO, G4PO, MCX, and MMCX.

To learn more about these low-loss, flexible coaxial cable assemblies, visit http://www.highspeedint.com/flexible-coax-cable-assemblies/. For a company snapshot on HSI and its unique capabilities, visit www.highspeedint.com